Our Approach

Our clients are always central to the project requirements. This enables us to deliver our RESONATE process, ensuring that your project always benefits from our full understanding of the requirements, collaborative approach, transparency in communications and reporting, and commitment to project objectives.

Our personable and consultative service allows us to understand your exact requirements and work across different project types to suit a wide variety of budgets.

By harnessing our experience and passion for structural engineering, we deliver solutions that are dynamic and always bespoke to your project’s requirements.

We can partner with you to help realise your project’s full potential, leveraging our in-house RESONATE approach, and applying this to reach your desired objective.
All projects start with valuation of the project parameters, to help create a clearer understanding of the project scope as well as a budget outline.

We then create the project specifications, project outline, discussions with architects, and creation of project concepts. Our structural engineers determine the best materials and resources to deliver the project.
The final piece of the RESONATE process is to determine the ‘financial realisation’ of the project. Ora Labora develops a dedicated team of consultants for the project by implementing a tender process involving strategic partners. This ensures your requirements can be delivered on time, to budget from the outset, and that the right team is working on the project.  

We can manage a project from ‘concept to completion’ and work collaboratively with clients to make sure they are an integral part of the process. We work very hard to gain the trust of all our clients and colleagues on a project.

We also look to educate our clients on new cutting-edge materials that can be used to make the project eco-friendlier and or more cost effective. We always endeavour to reduce the project’s carbon footprint by using sustainable materials.




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