Project Work

New Build Houses

We provided intricate detailing to create a traditional feel for 26 exclusive new build houses. The bespoke detailing was created using standard building materials and techniques.

The main challenge of the project was poor drainage and other ground conditions on a brownfield site. This required an innovative approach to the design of the foundations.

We provided a complete concept to completion structural design, that adhered to strict building controls and approval. Detailed sketches and innovative use of building materials to create bespoke structural detailing were provided for all houses, enabling the work to be completed.

Prefabricated Houses

We developed structural designs for foundations and retaining structures, to prepare a platform for the erection of 34 prefabricated houses on top of a plateau.

The main challenge of the project was ensuring that loads close to the slope did not cause erosion, and destabilise the embankments especially during construction.  This required careful consideration of the construction loads and building sequence

We were instrumental the design of a variety of earth retaining structures across the entire site. The design work enabled the retention of steep slopes within a limited space, without encroaching on a party wall boundary on one side of the site.

Residential Extension

We developed a rear ground floor extension for a period semi-detached property. This included the design of the building’s foundations, steel beams, masonry walls, and a new rear extension.

The main challenge of the project was to manage ‘right to light’ conditions which impacted on the height of the extension. Side walls were required that fit flush with a party-wall boundary which also added to the complexity of the foundations.

We provided a raft foundation to act as ground floor slab and wall foundations. This enabled walls to be built right up to the party line boundary as required, utilising all available space. The innovative use of a ‘cranked beam’ meant that only a small section of the extension’s height was reduced.

Structural Surveys

We were involved in the structural survey of a residential property that was experiencing cracking. The issue remained unresolved for several years leaving the property vulnerable to further cracking, and the owners exposed to further financial risk.

The key challenge involved several trees in the vicinity of the property that could have been the cause of the onset of cracking.  After careful elimination of each potential cause of cracking, we were able to arrive at a definitive answer for the client, and allow them to take action to resolve the issue.

A highlight of the project was the final report given to the client that enabled them to take decisive action to resolve the problem that had been plaguing the site for several years.


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